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Chronological Overview Northwest Airlines Profiling Attack

Dated Chronological Overview

Jan-Dec 2005 MN Airport/ Northwest Airlines Profiling Project using Israeli Military Techniques ( ). This training and indoctrination of racist extremist tendencies had just come to completion on or about the time we had made our way to MN Minnesota Airport.
***Northwest Airlines is now know as NorthWORSTAirlines , amongst the Muslim/Eastern community, a fact which I discovered on line, and has a long and tainted history of racial prejudice and associated hostility.

Jan16/06: My mother and I made our way to Rochester Minnesota, to see to a severe injury I had sustained to my arm requiring surgery. We had our baggage searched and seized on our trip down (as we later discovered) arriving at our hotel without our baggage. NWA had claimed they had simply misplaced it however it was delivered with a note indicating that we had been profiled and locks had been cut baggage seized and checked due to security concerns.

Jan18: We lodged a complaint of profiling with the Rochester Northwest Airlines desk on our return trip. The complaint was very much ill-received and the desk attendant ripped the complaint form from my hands when I mentioned racism and profiling stating “Oh!, Well you won’t be needing this then!-you’re going to sue!”

Jan 18: We were profiled aboard NWA flight 1628 later on that same day. Security issue over our baggage was raised now for the second time within our 3-day trip but this time, aboard the aircraft itself after we had already made our way through security.
We were harassed incessantly ( ) (on five separate yet consecutive occasions within the span of only a few minutes), a false report of irate passenger was released and 5 officers boarded the aircraft. Upon my inquiry they affirmed that I was not under arrest, not being charged and had committed no crime. I asked them to explain, in that case, under whose authority they were removing me from the aircraft. Instead of answering this question, they chose to attack me with my mother looking on in horror, tasering and striking me repeatedly, until I lay on the floor my head and torso soaked in my own blood.

Jan 18 Pm: Following Vicious Racial profiling Attack by MN Police, I am Rushed to hospital with large contusion to my temple ). Received 12 stitches to close the contusion to my left brow.

Jan 18 through to approx Jan 26 Held in Hennipen County Jail 9 days with no Miranda rights and no formal arrest, having been assured earlier on prior to the attack that I was not under arrest. This gave them time to concoct an intricate yet flawed web of scheming and lies, time for the pool of blood to clear from my eye, and we conjecture, time for them to attempt to find association with Al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups as extension of the hyenas profiling and related flagellation we had already endured. I was refused doctor ordered medical attention, threatened repeatedly in the elevator shaft, refused personal effects. My calling card was deliberately made defunct and as such, my access to outside communication to Canadian consulate, power of attorney and family, completely severed. During this time, at which my position was made more vulnerable, FBI were brought in and interrogated me, again using implied threat of severed outside communications as an incentive to garner my cooperation in communicating with them. Their entire system as I have demonstrated steadfastly is based entirely on illegal threat and intimidation.

Jan 26: Bail hearing held during which it was determined we would be placed on a no fly list and made to return to Canada pending trial, on $25000 unsecured bond and under the condition that we return by means other than by air travel. We were treated like terrorists.

Jan 20-27th: Massive media desecration and character assassination of our persons via television, newspaper, inter-net and radio. I was unable to go out into public for several months thereafter, due to public admonishment and scorn harassment and accusation over something I had not done. We had been sentenced and hung by the court of public opinion, which had been given false report by police and Northwest Airlines.

Jan 29/06 (On or about) at 11pm FBI Agent Mark Rensch Illegal in Canada, outside my home, one of over 135 cases of illegal FBI activity within Canada ( that Canada is aware of.

Jan30/06 Received Threat From U.S. Customs Border Personnel Chris Nissan, accusing us of not having abided by the no-fly list order and falsely accusing us of having taken a NWA flight back to Winnipeg.

Jan-30 through to Apr.17th: A period of several months during which time my family friends and associates were threatened and intimidated incessantly compounding our suffering many fold and creating the effects of profound post-traumatic stress disorder that would hospitalize me on at least 6 separate occasions. Phone lines tapped (incessant clicking noises that others commented on and complained of same on their own lines immediately following phone discussion with us. Reports of voice mail deletions from those who had spoken to us on our tapped line. Legal registered mail sabotaged, threatening messages on answering machines, FBI at my home, Homeland Security Border personnel intimidation, harassing calls from lawyers and collections agencies, computer viruses sent, and evidence of continued surveillance and physical stocking.

During this time of flagellation illegal threat and intimidation, we were offered 5 plea bargains. It is said that the United States boasts a 95% conviction rate at the federal level. Much of this can be attributed to illegal Gestapo terror tactics threats and intimidation. It was understood that their Gestapo threats and intimidation was designed to prompt agreement to the plea bargains issued. I refused all plea bargains on basis of principle despite threat of 9 years imprisonment pending a guilty sentence finding.

Apr.17 or 18th
Arraignment Hearing. Without any notice we received a call from the U.S. Court-house on the Friday before the Easter Long weekend, indicating our presence was being demanded in the United States only 3 days later immediately after the weekend. At this hearing, it was threatened that if I did not accept the plea bargain, that I would be facing a full jury trial and 9 years imprisonment as a likely result. I refused the plea bargain, while the prosecution walked out in a visible display of temper and frustration. Their intimidation tactics had failed.

Hospitalized on Several Occasions in the middle of the night, suffering further from post traumatic stress disorder and the effects on the heart of the lengthy taser application over my left chest (which is referred to in the context of the officers' own reports)

May 10, 11:30Am: Phone call and appeal to office of Governor Tim Pawlenty- Governor Tim Pawlenty is admonished for racial overtones against Muslims and minorities and has not responded to us even unto this day.

June 8/06 Response to appeal made to office of Senator Mark Dayton from Mark Dayton: “ I have asked Nate Arch in my fort Snelling office to look into the matter for you….I need you to complete the enclosed privacy release form. This form grants my office permission to act on your behalf...”

June8/06: Our Member of Parliament Steven J. Fletcher writes to ‘The Honourable Peter MacKay House of Commons Ottowa, Ontario, K1A OA6.
His appeal on our behalf was summarily ignored entirely. MP Steven Fletcher remains the only member of government office who has ever made gesture of advocacy on our behalf once requested to do so.

July 16 (on or about) A phone call made over one month later in which I spoke directly to Nate Arch: Nate Arch’s response to my reminder of the appeal form and our requests for assistance based on humanitarian violations upon our persons: “well we just won’t do that!”

Aug 4th: Threatening Court documentation From 'judge' David S. Doty A nation wide arrest warrant indicating I was in breach of my bail order in the context of a phone call I had made challenging them on the illegal threats and intimidation with which they were incessantly afflicting my family friends and associates, citing the heart palpitations that my mother and I were having.

Aug 10/07:
Aug 7th: Material as stated stated above, received as mailed transmission from attorney Robert Jones of Carlson and Jones dated Aug7 as such.

Oct.1st: Documented evidence of Hospitalization was copied to us on this date, whereupon I had been rushed to hospital in the middle of the night with heart attack symptoms that necessitated the administration of nitro patch to quell.
Again, I would be hospitalized as such for a total of approx 6 occasions over the months due to the effects on the heart from tasering and the general posttraumatic stress disorder effect of what we had endured.

Tues June 06 I sent a transmission to Black Radical Congress ( cc to ), who forwarded my complaint (as there is evidentiary documentation to prove) to Peace Officers Standards and Training head Mark Rosenow, thinking (incorrectly) that they were forwarding to an ethical organization as advocacy-they were wrong…

Friday June 09/06: P.O.S.T. interdepartmental communication from P.O.S.T. head Paul Monteen (Standards Coordinator) to Mark Rosenow regarding our complaint: “Attached please find part 2 of what I assume is a complaint regarding to actions of Airport P.D. officers. (detail of this was found in evidence for discovery at trial)

***We had sent P.O.S.T. detailed transmission of our complaint many months prior and they had failed to respond to us at any time. However, when it came time that they felt they could harm us instead, they did so (see the following)

Monday, June12/06: Interdepartmental email transmission (found in discovery for evidence at trial) from Mark Rosenow to Christneson, Mattew, Neibauer, Scott, reading
“Subject: FW: Racial Hate Attack/Persecution Part2…Matt Please Forward to the FBI.”
Peace Officers Standards and training committed a malicious act and without ever responding to our complaint, forwarded this report to the FBI and to the prosecuting attorney, who had copy of it at trial. Information contained within my complaint that was deemed “Anti-American gov’t and inflammatory” by our treacherous defense attorney Robert Jones, was used against us at trial: Defense attorney Robert Jones stated slyly, and mockingly, “look what they have on you!…You testify and all of this comes out before the jury! And did you see the jury?! CIA?, FBI? NSA-those guys ARE THE SPOOKS…!”

June 14th (on or about) Defense attorney Robert Jones of Carlson and Jones attempts to convince us not to attend the trial, stating that the defense had said, “Is you’re guy even going to bother showing up for the trial- he doesn’t stand a chance” Robert reverberated these comments, citing of his own accord, that if he were me he wouldn’t come to trial and that we did not stand a chance. Not trusting of this advice, which we felt, was ill spirited, and noting that a lack of attendance would automatically culminate in a guilty finding that would have extradition close on its heels, we made our way down to the United States for the trial.

June 16th: Our futile appeal to Minnesota Human Rights Department Only several days before the ‘trial’ ( )
We spoke to Michael Yang , and to Lucy Johnson Gaines (651-296-7518)
We also spoke to Janet Ph: 651 296 5663 and submitted a full report form to her.
***(On Oct 18th we received their hostile response: ““ …it does not appear that any of the complaints you have raised regarding the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Police fall within discriminatory practices prohibited under the Minnesota Human Rights Act…’ (One is to suppose being accused of suspicious bag profiled attacked and left in a pool of blood is then, acceptable, by their standards…)IT APPEARS YOU WERE ARRESTED AND DETAINED BASED UPON YOUR BEHAVIOUR…” Minnesota State has become notorious for prejudice and profiling ( :
Signed : David L. Castledine, Human Rights Enforcement Officer, 651 296 9046

Friday June 16th:
A private secretive meeting between FBI prosecution and Peace Officer Standards and Training in order to discuss our knowledge of the way in which they had tried to skew and occlude evidence. During this time, a last minute statement from officer Alvin Cooper, an officer who until this time, had provided no statement. (Nor had Sergeant Milton who has yet to file statement even unto this present day.)

Oct1st through June 19th: threats and intimidation to the effect of those described above did not relent but continued incessantly as before. I would be hospitalized on several occasions due to heart palpitations and heart attack like symptoms that tended to manifest themselves in the context of nightmares in the middle of the night.

June 19th: Federal Court Trial Tribunal with CIA FBI NSA Military and Prosecuting Attorneys on Jury Pool ( , with Judge David S. Doty, charged with tyranny/judicial misconduct (see mid-way down web page: , presiding.
Ø FBI Agent Mark Rensch ( and MN Police commit perjury ( on stand on multiple occasions, giving false history of events.

Ø The jury pool consisted of members and or affiliates of FBI, CIA, NSA, Military, Northwest Airlines (the very airline on which I was attacked), MN Police, prosecuting attorneys etc. )An illegal government tribunal in effect.
Ø I was threatened against ‘inflammatory anti-government material’ 9 , I had placed on the inter-net being presented before the ‘jury’ should I testify. My mother was threatened against accusations of perjury. We both were made to sit threatened into silence at a trial in which justice and due process had been holistically violated and corruption held center place.
Ø Junior Stewardess Sherrie Caudell on stand “We are trained to kill before we are killed…I don’t care who heard (me shout out inflammatory remarks at the passengers over the open P.A. system on board the aircraft).”
Ø V/S Senior Stewardess Beverly Banks on stand moments later: “James remained calm and composed at all times…”
Ø Police ( Hide from trial and 3 of 5 officers fail to appear at trial/ Exculpatory Evidence Concealed: Despite our request of our attorney, police officers were not subpoenaed or counter-charged, and only 2 of five officers involved made any appearance at the trial in a ploy to avoid questioning or visual identification. Despite requests made of our attorney to find witnesses, he failed to do so, prosecution called only one witness who was found to be innately hostile prejudicial and perjurous swell as having made several statements exemplary of racial profiling of his own accord. Further attempt to hide evidence: Northwest Air also claims there was no camera on board at the time on this INTERNATIONAL flight. We find this terribly suspect.

Ø TRIAL THREAT: Judge David S. Doty, X-U.S. Marine charged ( with judicial impropriety and misconduct, threatens my family and I at close of trial, stating " don’t come back and I'll send the U.S. marshals out to GET you-they will hunt you down: Oh Hollywood overdoes the FBI somewhat but not the U.S. Marshals, they're every bit the blood hounds Hollywood portrays them to be! They'll GET YOU-YEARS FROM NOW! I'VE SEEN IT BEFORE! You understand?!"

June 28th/06: REFUSAL CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS, Candace Crystal Rock. “The difficulties you have encountered appear to fall under American Jurisdiction”

July 1 (On or about:) Colin Brown (1 416 214 4747) of the African Canadian Legal Clinic sends us a Registered mail legal letter following a conversation we had on my tapped line, in which the necessity for communication off of the tapped line was discussed. The letter was to contain an email address whereby I could communicate with him.
Legal Registered Letter Sabotaged ( , Contents removed: The very next morning on July 2nd I received the letter ripped open and the contents removed, sealed in a see through plastic envelope from Canada Post giving detail of their apology for this incident. The contents of the letter had been removed and the letter had been soiled and charred.

July 10th: Letter Received from Nicole Ritchot “Further to our various conversations the latest of which were on JUNE 28/06, …I wish to confirm that we are seeking a legal opinion respecting whether or not a complaint filed against Northwest…would fall within the jurisdiction of the Canadian Human Rights Act.” YET SEE THE ABOVE REFUSAL- THE REFUSAL LETTER IS DATED JUNE 28TH- THE VERY DATE OF THE CONVERSATION THAT WAS STILL TO BE DELIBERATED ON!!!

“Policing is first and foremost a service to the public; the more it is at odds with the composition and values of that public, the less well it works” excerpt: Max Yalden, Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission

July 28/ 06: Senator Mark Dayton 612-727-5220 CORRUPTION EXPOSED-OFFICE ASSISTANT NATE ARCH DISMISSIVE CLAIMS THEY CANNOT ACT ON OUR BEHALF WHILE SCANNED IN DOCUMENT STATES THEY ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE ADVOCACY: Mark did not respond in any way whatsoever despite earnest and diligent attempt to garner his assistance. We took the time to fill out the request forms that he sent us as can be seen at and so should he attempt to fain ignorance of our plight one need only direct him to the above url as a ‘reminder’ of the correspondence we have had with him-that came to no avail. We had placed a call to his office on or about June 16th requesting assistance, and had been sent a form to fill out which we promptly completed and returned express post registered mail.
Over 6 weeks went by and on July 28 I placed a call in to his office. We had been assured in writing ( BY MARK DAYTON DIRECTLY as follows: “I have asked Nate Arch in my Fort Snelling office to look into this matter for you…this form grants my office permission to act on your behalf” Yet when I called the office on July 28th and spoke to a dismissive Nate Arch, he stated “well we just can’t do that (assist you)” and the conversation ended promptly- TRY TO DENY THIS MR ARCH-I HAVE THE CONVERSATION ON TAPE.

Aug12th/06: American Civil Liberties Union Refusal ( )from Renee Hamilton dated Aug 8th/06 INSULT UPON INJURY : The refusal letter was not only a refusal, but also somewhat condescending, in stating “…we restrict our involvement to cases which raise constitutional and civil rights issues.” Do they suggest that being left in a pool of blood in the middle of the isle of an aircraft is not a violation?

Late August: We sent a complaint about legal impropriety and treachery on the part of Robert Jones of Carlson and Jones to the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board.
The Board wrote back a response that all but completely ignored all of the self evident issues and evidence we had relayed unto them, giving example of Robert Jones deliberate treachery and misconduct. They wrote back asking us why we felt he had been responsible for legal impropriety and requested example. It was as if we had not written the 8 page detailed summary citing detailed and plentiful example of such. We did not respond further and received a letter from the board indicating they would proceed no further. The extent of corruption with which we were dealing was become more apparent with each passing day.

***Sept 28th: Office of Carlson and Jones, in capacity of Robert Jones, conspires to illegally withhold our court documents in an effort to occlude their legal and ethical culpabilities and improprieties surrounding deliberate misrepresentation of our case while consorting with elements of an illegal gestapo trial and govermental tribunal with a design towards our harm. The Response I got From Mr. Carlson: “Well our fax machine isn’t working right now… I understand your frustration and I’ll tell you our secretary is very upset at the fax machine repair company because that machine should have been fixed by now! We’ll send the files the files as soon as we can”

Now two months later and frequent follow up phone calls having been made, we still do not have any of our case file documents. They have not returned any of our calls and remain dismissive.
These court documents are the last things they want us to have because they will enable us to prove their law firm’s treachery even further through irrefutable legal documentation, and so this firm is withholding our files illegally unto this day.

OCT18/ 06
MINNESOTA DEPT HUMAN RIGHTS REFUSAL AND ADMONISHMENT/ACCUSATION UPON OUR FAMILY. We had submitted a registered letter several months prior giving notice of the hyenas acts committed and the danger we were in and what we received in the mail, without so much as a phone call, was the verbal lambaste and desecration detailed in the following: “IT APPEARS YOU WERE ARRESTED AND DETAINED BASED UPON YOUR BEHAVIOUR…” Minnesota State has become notorious for prejudice and profiling ( :
Signed : David L. Castledine, Human Rights Enforcement Officer, 651 296 9046

Oct.30/06: Our ‘defense’ attorney, Robert Jones, of Carlson and Jones, exposed as fraudulent and corrupt,( withdraws as defense attorney, from our case.

A public defender in the capacity of Gary Bryant Wolfe was selected - by the same corrupted elements within the court that has given us a tribunal government hanging in the place of a trial.
Despite constant phone calls to his office and requests for interface in order that we might discuss with him, the particulars of our case in preparation of defense, he failed to return any calls and offered no correspondence whatsoever.
***New ‘public defender’ Part of the ‘Collusion Machine’ in withholding exculpatory evidence to which we are legally entitled: We had also asked Gary Bryant Wolfe to supply us with the *COURT TRANSCRIPTS that Robert Jones was illegally withholding from us in an effort to conceal the evidence of the courtroom corruption and collusion in which he was involved. True to form and as no surprise, Gary Bryant Wolfe did not provide this transcript, and moreover, failed to return any of our repeated phone calls as stated above.

Nov.21st Sentencing date: Gary Bryant Wolfe, the public defender appointed to our case in lieu of Robert Jones of Carlson and Jones, called to inquire as to our non-appearance at their so called sentencing. There had been no trial but only exemplary government corruption and covertly insidious illegal threat and intimidation that threatened our very lives. Moreover we are innocent, and could not submit ourselves to these unlawful virulent tyrants.
Gary Bryant Wolfe would call on several occasions this day, eventually confirming what we already knew: That he had not even read over our case and knew nothing about it - but expected us to be present under his 'representation'. He was clearly part of the consistent element of corruption and collusion as had been prior defense attorney Robert Jones.
We made no response to his calls.

Wed 22 Nov 2006 05:39:02 PM EST:
Roche Tasse Civil Liberties Monitoring Group writes an email transmission to ACLU member Jameel Jaffer (see Despite Roche Tasse and Jameel having a very lengthy history of cooperation, Jameel Jaffer was not amenable to ACLU reconsidering their position, despite the fact that Roche Tasse had written the email in the context of pointing out several cases similar to our own that demonstrated a pattern of profiling.

Dec 2nd /06(on or about) : We put up a DVD presentation Up onto the internet, exposing all of the corruption threats collusion and violations unto our persons that we had endured steadfastly for so many moths by that time. We had also launched the website: with all of the relevant material within an exhaustive 78 links presentation, several months ealier: We hypertext linked to the YouTUbe video for maximal exposure of the video related documentation on the internet.

Tues Jan 15th (On or about) Radio rendition with CKUW radio, University of Winnipeg.

Jan17th dated letter : NAACP REFUSAL LETTER (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) signed Victor L. Goode Assistant General Counsel.

Jan 19/07; Jan 24/07 Feb2/07Recent Threats against my family and I through Internet correspondence
from self-identifying FBI on several counts, wherein threats and reference to police arrest as well as accusation of crimes in the context of using the names of FBI agents involved on YOUTUBE.COM, were made liberally on several occasions.

Feb 8/07: We went Live on air with Alex Jones Austin Texas- Alex Jones is a nationally syndicated radio talk show with extensive inter-net band width representation and patronage.

On or about Feb.5/07 Contact made with members of the black activist movement MOVE organizer Pam Africa and Fred Hampton Jr, son of Fred Hampton killed by unwarranted FBI-Government aligned raid upon their home, and Pam, also victim of same in capacity of a bombing of their home in 1985!!

On or about Feb.10/07 Indy media representative Rick Wolson had heard our rendition on Alex Jones ( and requested that we give him permission to distribute and disseminate our material throughout the Indy Media web based medium. We gladly accepted this kind gesture.

On or about Feb 12/07 : We approached office of Senator Patrick Leahy, renown for admonishing the violations upon the Arar family committed by FBI CIA and other covert government operations in conjunction with a newly formed term- extraordinary rendition - that was constructed in order that they could give license to their sinister actions.
Senator Leahy’s office was contacted several times. The office has failed to give us so much as a reply.

On or about Feb15th/07 through to Feb 22/07 We approached the office of J.D. Livingstone, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson. I spoke directly with J.D. Livingstone who assured me our material would be reviewed and passed on for review in the capacity of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton directly.

Feb 21st/07: (On or about) Radio rendition with KBOO radio in Portland Oregon. Systemic and fundamental corruption within the government and the court medium discussed.

***Feb 24 My mother and I met Monia Mozigh, wife of Maher Arar, at a Winnipeg University of Winnipeg Human Rights convention. Monia was gracious itself, and spoke to my mother at length. I addressed Monia before the audience at the forum, during question period, and spoke to Monia briefly following the ordeal. I had spoken with Monia by way of phone several months prior in order to garner reference and direction to possible advocacy. Even during that time of trepidation she afforded me of her time –very admirable.

Feb 24th: Met local MP Annita Neville at the Winnipeg Human Rights Convention, and asked her if she would provide us assistance in our plight. I reminded her I had asked her for assistance regarding the malpractice to my arm that had necessitated the fateful flight down to the United States, when medical malpractice and related corruption barred my path to medical treatment within Canada. We consider Annita Neville to be of good character, and are hopeful that she will indeed come to our aide as stated.

To Contact Annita Neville: 729 Corydon Ave.Winnipeg, ManitobaR3M 0W4Phone: (204) 983-1355Fax: (204) 984-3979E-mail:
Parliamentary Office:
Room 815 Confederation BuildingHouse of CommonsOttawa, OntarioK1A 0A6
Phone: (613) 992-9475Fax: (204) 992-9586E-mail: